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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) involves concentrated oxygen in an enclosed, increased-pressure chamber

We have two soft HBOT chambers that are available for rental for home use. Please call our office at 434-528-9075 for pricing and availability. Rental is only available to established patients

Here is some guidance from our colleague Jim Neubrander:

I recommend Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for many of my autistic patients since the results of our double blind controlled study became known.

There is evidence that increased pressure decreases inflammation and that concentrating oxygen in an increased pressure environment will allow more oxygen to dissolve into the extracellular fluids of the body: plasma, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, and interstitial fluid.

Hyperbaric therapy is a treatment, not a cure, and continued sets of treatment provide a cumulative beneficial effect. When a response is evident, long-term treatment ensures maximum results.


Essentially any common autism symptom has the potential to be helped by HBOT. However, certain benefits seems to be more common or intense: Physician's CGI Scale

Side Effects

The most common side effects with HBOT include Many of the side effects I see in my practice are "positive-negative" effects-tantrums, mood swings, etc. that often come from the child's brain beginning to "come back" and the greater awareness and independence this brings.


Decision making about HBOT

When deciding whether to continue or discontinue HBOT when side effects do occur:

Rule 1: Side effects that disrupt the life or safety of the child or others, or that disrupt the child's ability to learn are considered "intolerable" and the treatment should always be discontinued or altered significantly.

Rule 2: If the child's gains are undeniably present and the side effects are "tolerable", the total number of hours used per treatment and the frequency of treatments may remain the same or be varied only slightly.


10% discount if 40 dives purchased
10% discount if paid in full at beginning of sessions