Events at the RIMLAND Center

The Rimland Center

Your Healing Retreat - June 2011

Your Healing Retreat is a path of education, hope and rejuvenation for parents and physicians living and working with autism and ADD. The stress of having a child affected by autism and or ADD is indescribable. Parents face financial strains, marital stress, and emotional pressures while trying to meet the special needs of their children. Learning how to help their children (especially understanding and carrying out treatment strategies for the medical conditions that can be at the route of the child’s behavioral problems) is exhausting and expensive!

Your Healing Retreat offers the education parents and physicians have been seeking and delivers it in a beautiful relaxed setting with a deliberate focus on caregivers.

Your Healing Retreat participants will gain access to cutting-edge, safe and effective integrative approaches for healing children while recharging their own batteries with morning yoga, massage, hikes, organic food and cooking classes. They will learn relaxation techniques, tips to improve their relationships, and strategies to get back into balance.

Speakers include Dr. Mumper! Learn More and Register Now!.

Nutrition For Your Healthy Pregnancy - Webinar starting September 15th

We have many families who ask what they can do to have a very healthy pregnancy. You may be interested in signing up for a 6 week webinar about Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy